How did Rollton appear

In the middle of 20th century, in the postwar years, Japan faced a severe food shortage.

One day, young businessman Momofuku Ando saw a long queue of people standing for ramen noodles on the street. That is when he realized how much the Japanese love noodles, and the queue meant the huge potential for him.

The best invention of the 20th century

A few years later, Momofuku Ando established the world’s first company to create “a ramen that can be cooked and eaten at home using hot water only.” This ramen quickly gained recognized in the world and was claimed as the best invention of the 20th century in Japan.

Present days

Today, Rollton is an international brand with a wide range of products that will help you not only have a delicious meal, but also to cook culinary masterpieces for yourself and your loved ones.

Rollton – always tasty!

Rollton is loved
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